Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Times is HARD

Sorry for not posting in the last couple days. Not really been around much internet...

On Friday night we played in Liverpool. We have video to prove it.

On Saturday we got up and took a ferry from Dover into France. The cliffs are totally amazing.

Then we drove to Antwerp and played at a place called Petrol. That was crazy. The people made us some of the most amazing food we've eaten, the place was incredible, but the audience was all young kids. Like 16. So weird.

The next day we hung around Antwerp, went to the KMSKA (the fine art museum) and then went drinking.

Yesterday we went to Amsterdam and had a real nice time.

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Anna B. said...

Love the picture of Erika holding the tin cup-thingy...oh yeah and those cliffs are amazing!!