Sunday, November 2, 2008

Many days...

Again, the internet is hard to come by so these updates are going to be less frequent. Sorry. So this is Leuven above and below.

The above pic is Nijmegen. I got sick in Nijmegen and missed the show that night, which sucked. Maybe I'm still not better, but at least I don't feel like total shit...

Amsterdam is still a real nice place.

We played in Rostock Germany on Halloween. It was pretty amazing.

Last night I had a video exhibited and DJed an art party in Hamburg. I had a really great time. Everyone here is super fun. Off to Berlin.

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momma Susan said...

I just realized that if you click on the pictures you get a lable telling who or what it is and it is larger which I knew. I love the pictures. Oh and bring me back one of those bunnies, lol.