Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Times is HARD

Sorry for not posting in the last couple days. Not really been around much internet...

On Friday night we played in Liverpool. We have video to prove it.

On Saturday we got up and took a ferry from Dover into France. The cliffs are totally amazing.

Then we drove to Antwerp and played at a place called Petrol. That was crazy. The people made us some of the most amazing food we've eaten, the place was incredible, but the audience was all young kids. Like 16. So weird.

The next day we hung around Antwerp, went to the KMSKA (the fine art museum) and then went drinking.

Yesterday we went to Amsterdam and had a real nice time.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Inside Shunt

Little video of the place before we played.

Manchester and Shunt

I didn't really make pics or anything in Manchester, but we played in a place with a huge mirror behind the band. I projected into the mirror and it shot the light all over the room. Looked pretty cool, but I had a hard time making pictures, so there are none to post.
Last night, we played in the coolest place I have ever set foot in, Shunt in London. It is a HUGE space under London Bridge with multiple cavern like rooms throughout a several thousand square foot space. Massive. The place was packed with people and overall it was a great experience. At some point this great big puppet made of cellophane went walking around and gave birth to a little version of itself. They came and had Emily hold it for a while.
Afterward we came back to the House of Giggles and hung out with the folks who reside here.
Off to Liverpool.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Video from Glasgow

Here is a video from Glasgow for Walking on the Water.


We drove up from Dublin to Belfast and got a ferry to Scotland. The ferry was a terrible thing. Like some floating convenience store with slot machines. BUT, the views were pretty bad ass and it was fast.
Once we got into Scotland we drove north along the coast for a while on up to Edinburgh where we stayed with Dougie. That dude is incredible. We had deluxe accommodations at his place and I got a chance to work on some things I've been trying to get at for a while. Then we stayed up and drank some really good scotch.
The next day on the way to Glasgow, we stopped at a castle and pent a couple hours running around that place. It made my imagination run wild. I loved being there. Its was totally weird.
Then played at Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow last night. The internet connection here is pretty rotten so I can't upload the video, but I will when I get the chance.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm sort of in love with Dublin

Yesterday, we woke up really late and went and explored the back yard a bit. Peter's place is pretty incredible, as evidenced by that video and the pics in the back yard. Peter's pretty amazing himself. We had a really great time together.

After hanging in the back yard for a while, we got our shit together and made it into the city. Walked around a bit and ate a place on Cow Lane. It was cool as hell walking around Dublin. Its such a weird old place. All the people we met were awesome and the city rules. What more can you ask for?

After all that we went to a pub called Gravediggers, oddly enough its near a grave yard. Luckily enough, the grave yard was actually open when we went there. Some people were doing a photo shoot and we decided to celebrate the occasion, we decided to do a photo shoot too.

Later on we went out in the downtown area and went to a traditional pub where there was some trad music happening. We hung out there or a drink then went to the Dicebar around the corner and danced like maniacs to mostly rockabilly music for as long as we could. It was a blast. I think Peter might have been a bit embarrassed, but maybe not...

Afterward we went down to the pier and hung out on the seawall. It was pretty radical. The sea there is incredible. We hung out on a big ass cannon. It was pretty amazing. Unfortunately, by this point the camera battery was dead. So no pics, but trust me, it was great.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dublin to Cork

We woke up yesterday and drove from Cork back to Dublin. We played at a place called Whelan's which is a weird ass big place in the middle of Dublin. The band TwinKranes opened up the night and Jamie and Peter Dj'd all night. The downstairs is a huge dancefloor and the upstairs, where we played, was really cool. After we finished the entire bar turned into a huge danceparty. Literally thousands of people all groping each other and shit. We hung out in the backstage area looking down on the people pairing up. It was like they were in a habitat for humans. When the night was over, we got into the van and drove here to Peter's (Skinny Wolves) mansion. There was a crazy amount of drunks spilling in the streets of Dublin, and they were like zombies. Totally weird. We laughed a lot. On the way here to the mansion, we stopped at a party at a photography studio where the DJ was playing Kool Keith and Gun Club.
Peter's place is ansane. Old as hell but filled with lots of cool musical gear. I think we're gonna try to get out to the Hellfire Club later today.

Wales to Cork

On Friday we woke up early and drove from Holyhead, Wales to Cork, Ireland. In order to do that we had to take a ferry from Holy head to Dublin, which took about 2 hours and then drive south on Ireland for about 4 hours. When we got to Cork , we played at a place called Fred Zepplin and had a great time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Luminaire in London

We played the first show last night at the Luminaire. All Tomorrow's Parties sponsored the show, and due to that we got a great spread backstage. Fruit, beer, sandwiches, etc. After the show we came back to the house and hung out with our friends until we couldn't stand up any longer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pasta and the playground

Tex, Erika, and Mary arrived here yesterday. Got some whiskey, beer and pasta and the party was happenin again. In one of the pics from yesterday, there was a thing of Boo Bees on the cabinet top. Last night they decided to drink them and make them all shriveled up. We played on the seesaw across the street and then people used their bodies to make letters. Unfortunately, we got no good pics of the letter making... BUT, we did get yelled at by the neighbors.