Sunday, October 12, 2008

broad strokes

Oct 12 leave NY (maybe, seems there could be some issues with work permits, but we're crossing our fingers...)
On this first leg, I will be doing video exclusively with Indian Jewelry and will be documenting our experiences together.
Oct 15 London
Oct 17 Cork
Oct 18 Dublin
Oct 21 Glasgow
Oct 22 Manchester
Oct 23 London
Oct 25 Antwerp
Oct 28 Naamsestraat
Oct 29 Nijmegen
Oct 30 Amsterdam
Oct 31 Rostock
Nov 1 Hamburg - Ken
Nov 1 Poznan - IJ
Nov 2 Berlin
Nov 3-4 Paris
Nov 5 Basel
Nov 6 Rimini
Nov 7 Verona
Nov 8 Bologna
Nov 10 Lyon
Nov 12 Bristol
Nov 14 Cardiff, Wales
Nov 17 Mary, Tex and Erika leave to come back to the states
Brandon and I begin our excursions here
Nov 15-20 London
Nov 21-28 Hamburg
Nov 29 Antwerp
Dec 1-4 Toulouse
Dec 5-7 Lisbon
Dec 8-12 Hamburg
Dec 13-14 Vicenza
Dec 15-23 Italy (Venice, Bologna, Milan, Torino, Naples, Rome,
Florence, Trevisio) schedule TBD
Dec 24-Jan 1 Vicenza
Jan 2-4 Croatia
Jan 5-8 Istanbul
Jan 9- 15 Eastern European countries TBD (come on Rick!)
Jan 16-25 Hamburg
Jan 20 Brandon back to NY
Jan 25 I fly back to NY

When you see holes or long stretches in areas, and you know someone, please do not hesitate to hook us up somewhere in that city or a city on the way to the next.

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