Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We drove up from Dublin to Belfast and got a ferry to Scotland. The ferry was a terrible thing. Like some floating convenience store with slot machines. BUT, the views were pretty bad ass and it was fast.
Once we got into Scotland we drove north along the coast for a while on up to Edinburgh where we stayed with Dougie. That dude is incredible. We had deluxe accommodations at his place and I got a chance to work on some things I've been trying to get at for a while. Then we stayed up and drank some really good scotch.
The next day on the way to Glasgow, we stopped at a castle and pent a couple hours running around that place. It made my imagination run wild. I loved being there. Its was totally weird.
Then played at Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow last night. The internet connection here is pretty rotten so I can't upload the video, but I will when I get the chance.

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momma Susan said...

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really nice view from the castle, I love the sun glare on you Ken great picture