Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So the day we got here, Chris happened to burn up the washing machine on accident. It left a bunch of soot everywhere, and the fortunate side effect is this here cobweb covered in soot. So weird.

This is Federico from Father Murphy having dinner with Brandon. He made us food at our gig in Treviso, booked our Italian tour, let us sleep in his house, let us borrow his amp, gave us too much alcohol, has an uncle that makes the world's best proseco, and is one of the greatest people I have ever met.

Brandon and Andrea from Be Invisible Now.

On Thursday night we played in Anghiari (Tuscany) and ate at an amazing place in San Sepolcro. So incredible. Later that night we stayed in an old church that had been turned into a hostel.

Brandon jammed with these dudes in the practice room next to the room we played in.

This is the main street Anghiari, which is a midevil town. The drive is pretty steep...

We played in Faenza on Saturday at Morena's place, Il Clandestino. Such a badass group of people. We had a great time and I am going back there on the 29th to VJ a big NYE party. Its gonna be cool.

This is the best thing we saw in Bologna.

Well, Merry Christmas. I hope everyone that looks at this thing has a great time today and tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

some things I haven't posted

One night a few weeks back we had a few people over to Susi's kitchen and we taught them all the BLOOD sign. It was pretty fun.

Nathan in Berlin at West Germany.

This is flying over the Alps on the way from Hamburg to Venice. Man, that shit was so cool.

Nolan put my sunglasses on and Chloe decided she needed to hold him up. Tonight we went to Chloe's dance recital and she was one of the snow flakes. She took it real seriously, and that was great. I have video of her entire performance, but the internet connection here is real bad.

So as you can see, we are currently in Vicenza about to start our tour of Northern Italy. Super excited. Here is the schedule-
Dec 17 - Treviso
Dec 18 - Arezzo
Dec 19 - Cesena (Triple Fuck with Passa!)
Dec 20 - Faenza
Dec 21 - Bologna

Then we are back here in Vicenza for Xmas with Chris, Toni, Chloe and Nolan. Susi is coming to visit as well. Brandon and Susi are leaving for Munich on the 26th and I am going to Venice to hang out with Nathan that day. Then Nathan is coming back with me here for the night on the 27th. I have a gig in Faenza again on the 31st for NYE then head up to Stuttgart (well actually Goepingen and Ulm) to see my aunt and cousin's children. Hopefully I'll update between now and then...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Dude is a ghost.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Terrible Eagle at Fleet Street in Hamburg

So, I know I have been lacking in my updates. I have had little internet time.

A couple weeks back we played at a performance space here in Hamburg called The Fleet Street. Its a cool place. Nane has been running the projector for us and that's been great.

After we played, we DJed. I spun my down south sex rap set and people went apeshit. People who have never danced before acted like complete idiots and danced around all night. It was a blast.

We played in Lisbon on Friday night. These pics come from there.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I am currently in Hamburg. We flew here yesterday morning really freaking early.

On Thursday night we played in London again. This time with our good friends, These Are Powers. They've been touring around Europe for as long as we have and man they've gotten great. Not that they weren't great before, but at this moment in time, they are amazing. Their new record is gonna kill you.

On Friday, the Giggle House had a birthday party for Girl Alex. She turned 21. Sophie and Hermione made her a wonderful jello mold, that unfortunately ended up all over the kitchen floor... Everyone was supposed to dress up like Alex for the party, and some did, but none were as good as Phil. That dude is funny.

On Saturday night we went to see TAP play again at a house party in Whitechapel. It was fun as hell. Sophie, worried that I was homeless, gave me a house of my own and the girls then made up some property for me. Complete with mountains and trees and the sun.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I know its been a long time since I've had the opportunity to update this blog. Internet in Europe is hard to come by for any extended period of time and most of the time, its real slow.
We played in Rimini, Verona, Faenza, Geneva, and London since I've last posted. In order to get in and out of Italy we had to drive through the Alps. That was an amazing experience. The Alps are big. Real big. Lots of snow and waterfalls and donkeys.

When we woke up in Rimini, I went for a walk along the beach and got lost trying to find my way back to the hotel and they had to wait for me for like 30 minutes or so until I turned up... We then ate at an agritourism place for lunch with GianLuca outside of Forli. They made everything there. The wine, the pasta, the vegetables, the bread, everything. Amazing. I had a pasta that translates to "Hang the Priest" pasta. Like short fat spaghetti with sausage and cream tomatoes. It was pretty incredible.

I have no pics from Verona. We played at a place called Emporio Malkovich, which is some dude's parent's place, but it was cool. Toni came from Vicenza to hang with us. That was super bad ass. Its always nice to see a friend. I can't wait to go hang with her for a long period of time. It'll be a total blast.
We then played in Faenza which is outside of Bologna at a place called Clandestino. Again we were fed well and everyone had a great time. Morena is an excellent host.

Then we had to drive back through the Alps to get to Geneva where we played with Sword Heaven and Anavan. Holy Shit. Sword Heaven ruled me. I haven't been completely blown away by a band in many years and man... The video proves how incredible they were.

Last night we played White Heat in London. It was a total blast.

Off to Bristol.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Did I tell you?

We left Berlin immediately following the show so I didn't really get a chance to see anything while there, but I did find this great piece of art.

We then drove all night to Paris. Again we got there in time to get into the club, set up, play then leave. I saw a lot of the inside of the van, so I decided to make a new video, which I projected on them in Paris for the first time. The picnic was in France and it was the first time we had seen teh sun in days. So nice.

The video below is the new animation projected on them in Lucern, which is a really lovely place on the edge of the Alps. These pics are from that place.