Monday, November 17, 2008


I am currently in Hamburg. We flew here yesterday morning really freaking early.

On Thursday night we played in London again. This time with our good friends, These Are Powers. They've been touring around Europe for as long as we have and man they've gotten great. Not that they weren't great before, but at this moment in time, they are amazing. Their new record is gonna kill you.

On Friday, the Giggle House had a birthday party for Girl Alex. She turned 21. Sophie and Hermione made her a wonderful jello mold, that unfortunately ended up all over the kitchen floor... Everyone was supposed to dress up like Alex for the party, and some did, but none were as good as Phil. That dude is funny.

On Saturday night we went to see TAP play again at a house party in Whitechapel. It was fun as hell. Sophie, worried that I was homeless, gave me a house of my own and the girls then made up some property for me. Complete with mountains and trees and the sun.

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momma Susan said...

That house is pretty cute, and it is all for you, wow. When can I come visit?