Tuesday, December 16, 2008

some things I haven't posted

One night a few weeks back we had a few people over to Susi's kitchen and we taught them all the BLOOD sign. It was pretty fun.

Nathan in Berlin at West Germany.

This is flying over the Alps on the way from Hamburg to Venice. Man, that shit was so cool.

Nolan put my sunglasses on and Chloe decided she needed to hold him up. Tonight we went to Chloe's dance recital and she was one of the snow flakes. She took it real seriously, and that was great. I have video of her entire performance, but the internet connection here is real bad.

So as you can see, we are currently in Vicenza about to start our tour of Northern Italy. Super excited. Here is the schedule-
Dec 17 - Treviso
Dec 18 - Arezzo
Dec 19 - Cesena (Triple Fuck with Passa!)
Dec 20 - Faenza
Dec 21 - Bologna

Then we are back here in Vicenza for Xmas with Chris, Toni, Chloe and Nolan. Susi is coming to visit as well. Brandon and Susi are leaving for Munich on the 26th and I am going to Venice to hang out with Nathan that day. Then Nathan is coming back with me here for the night on the 27th. I have a gig in Faenza again on the 31st for NYE then head up to Stuttgart (well actually Goepingen and Ulm) to see my aunt and cousin's children. Hopefully I'll update between now and then...


Jenette said...

Jimmy and I check your blog all the time. What an amazing aerial shot! We'll miss you at Christmas!

momma Susan said...

tell Chris and Toni that they have some beautiful children and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. That is an amazing aerial shot. taught your friends well, can really read their signs.