Friday, October 24, 2008

Manchester and Shunt

I didn't really make pics or anything in Manchester, but we played in a place with a huge mirror behind the band. I projected into the mirror and it shot the light all over the room. Looked pretty cool, but I had a hard time making pictures, so there are none to post.
Last night, we played in the coolest place I have ever set foot in, Shunt in London. It is a HUGE space under London Bridge with multiple cavern like rooms throughout a several thousand square foot space. Massive. The place was packed with people and overall it was a great experience. At some point this great big puppet made of cellophane went walking around and gave birth to a little version of itself. They came and had Emily hold it for a while.
Afterward we came back to the House of Giggles and hung out with the folks who reside here.
Off to Liverpool.

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