Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dublin to Cork

We woke up yesterday and drove from Cork back to Dublin. We played at a place called Whelan's which is a weird ass big place in the middle of Dublin. The band TwinKranes opened up the night and Jamie and Peter Dj'd all night. The downstairs is a huge dancefloor and the upstairs, where we played, was really cool. After we finished the entire bar turned into a huge danceparty. Literally thousands of people all groping each other and shit. We hung out in the backstage area looking down on the people pairing up. It was like they were in a habitat for humans. When the night was over, we got into the van and drove here to Peter's (Skinny Wolves) mansion. There was a crazy amount of drunks spilling in the streets of Dublin, and they were like zombies. Totally weird. We laughed a lot. On the way here to the mansion, we stopped at a party at a photography studio where the DJ was playing Kool Keith and Gun Club.
Peter's place is ansane. Old as hell but filled with lots of cool musical gear. I think we're gonna try to get out to the Hellfire Club later today.

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momma Susan said...

What place are you in, in this Amazing Race you are in? Beautiful scenery.