Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great review in IMPOSE

Terrible Eagle
Anywhere Terrible Eagle plays in the world, El Topo is there. Or Holy Mountain. Or ghosts. These members of Indian Jewelry branched off to produce a killer shamanic beat driven cult-classic noise scape. No amount of beer, hash, or peyote can produce the sobering experience that is watching Brandon and Ken get into it side by side. Drone guitars, exasperated keyboard swells, and carefully constructed minimal beats were the mainstay during this set. Brandon’s melodies beside Ken’s keyboard architecture built up to the stratosphere. Dagger-like live electronics were clean and attentive, and amounted to the most spasmodic event of the night. They were a dead ringer for a good closing on this (semi) all-American event.

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momma Susan said...

I would of loved to have been there! it sounds like great music was had and i miss your music, been listening to your downloads, some the same as you gave me earlier, good stuff, but not you.