Sunday, June 28, 2009

Apparently this was a real ad campaign at some point. Whoa! Primitive muppets.

This particular version of the blog is going to be pretty heavy on the videos.

First video is of the inside of one of the galleries in the brewery I keep talking about. They were preparing that gallery for the 48h Neukolln art festival they had there yesterday and today. I DJed and did an impromptu performance there yesterday with the Macaco Mau band, which was Brian Von Kuba on electronic stuff, Fritz at one point on keyboard, Erin Weber and Susanna on vocals, and Andreas Nachtmann on drums.

In the last post, I was telling you about the people I met that live in Neukolln that have been great friends to me. Markus and Maura are particularly good people that have introduced me to many people and have taken to me to lots of different places, either by association or by them inviting me to do things with them.

Recently Markus had his final examination for school. For this examination, he built an installation inside his studio at the UdK. It was really cool. For the opening party thing, he invited a few of his friends to do some performances in and around the installation. It was very cool of him to invite me to be one of the performers. Maura also performed while sitting on Jan's shoulders. Watch the video it will explain more.

The first guy made this guitar that had all kinds of things attached to it and he made some interesting noise stuff for about 10 minutes. The 2nd is of a guy called Kakawaka. He taped his eyes shut and walked around the studio doing that. I was told he also did that in the street one day to unsuspecting individuals. I wish I could have seen that.

The last thing in that video is of Fritz performing a song about a man who only loves this cat. He pets until there is only blond hair left on his hands. Weird.

Ciao Ya'll!

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