Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This statue is the Bavaria. It is really intense to view from below. You can go up in it, but I didn't do that. Don't know why, just didn't.

This is the Rathaus in Munich. The word RATHAUS means Mayor's House. Therefore in Germany, the mayors are rats... Funny how that works.

Please to be noticing the donkey playing the harp. WTF? The unicorn also happens to be on this house.There is also a statue of a kid riding a fish, sorta like Nathan in the pic a few up...

Simon, the guy on the bass, runs Lingg House. This is the gypsy band he plays with. They are really good.

This is Nachtmann. He is playing with sticks that have a bunch of sticks taped to the end. It was pretty cool. They played with us on Friday here in Berlin.

So in Hamburg there is a place called the Hafenklang. In the upstairs, there is a ping pong table that people walk around in a circle and try to hit the ball while the DJ plays really great punk rock. Good times.

Alright ya'll, eat a bag. Love you.


Anna B. said...

Finally a bag large enough to eat!

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