Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Day in Bolivia

Yesterday was our first day in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It was a pretty good day. We got up and went to the Diakonia, which is the communications/audio/visual school that is part of the Universidad de Catolica here. There we checked out the work of the first year students, listened to some critiques in Spanish (muy dificil) and talked to the group about the project we will be doing there in order to get them motivated to join us. Surprise!

Last night we went out with Daniel, one of the professors at Diakonia, and went to some bars and had some beers. Or Translator was unable to join us and Daniel does not speak English and we do not speak Spanish. Luckily, our comprehension of Spanish is relatively high and his comprehension of English is relatively high, so we were able to communicate all night. He taught us a lot about Santa Cruz, the school, the people, etc.

After taking us out in the old town of Santa Cruz, he took us to a Mexican bar that was decorated with images of El Santo all over the place. JAMMIN!

We have a TV interview tomorrow morning and then start our classes tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. Viva El Santo!


momma Susan said...

Here kitty kitty, the santo I know.

Bebel said...

Nice pictures Santooooooooo!!!! Beautiful church!

Anna B. said...

Freaking awesome! Surrounded by Santo, what better place to be.