Monday, March 9, 2009

Brazil, Killin it!

We've been spending time with lots of cool people here in Recife. Some of them are priests, some are students here at Catolica (the University we are teaching at), some are performers in the piece we are working on here, some are faculty, some are just people we've met. All of them are great. They've been taking us out around town and to the beach and we've even been lucky enough to get down to another beach town south of here called Porto De Galinhas, which literally means "Port of Chickens."

These pics come from the last several days in and around Recife and Porto De Galinhas.

This is Isabel and her cousin Renata. Renata lives in Buenos Aires, so now we have a friend that we can visit there. Hooray! They brought us to a bar called Boracho. HA!

We went out to Recife Antigo, the old town in Recife, with some of our friends. We got them all to paint their nails...

This is Tiago and his girlfriend. Tiago is our drum leader and is one of the greatest dudes we have ever met. Such a badass drummer too.

B on the beach at Boa Viagem.

Me and Isabel on the beach in Boa Viagem, which is the beach here in Recife.

This is from the back door of the beach house we spent the weekend at in Porto De Galinhas. You can't see it, but there is a pool there as well. Aww Yeah.

Romerita made a paperhat for B at the Creperie we ate at on Saturday night. Romerita is one of our students and she happened to be down in Porto when were. How fortuitous.

When were in Bezerros for the Papangu Carnaval, I made this short video of this truck. I wanted to post it last time, but youtube and I are not getting along so well here. Today we are, so you get this-

This one is from last night on the beach in Porto De Galinhas. I love how the lines move. I tried to make a longer video with better lighting, but it doesn't work so well. Guess I have come back here and do it all over again...

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