Saturday, March 21, 2009


This past week we have been working with the students of Diakonia, the Communications school here in Santa Cruz, on our Enneagram project. The students have already composed all 9 pieces and the visual team, comprised of about 8 students, have designed the set and have been working on the visual aspect of the performance with my guidance.
We are workin in the TV set at Diakonia which is pretty cool.

One of the drummers in the course, Ram, owns a bar in the center of town called the Trip that we have been hanging out at sometimes. Its a cool place and we have put together a version of Terrible Eagle with some of the musicians from the course, Allejo, Sebastian, y Julio and will play at the Trip on Wednesday night. Andrea, one of the visual students from the course, will run the projector for us. Fun times!

It was Gabe's, the guy on the right, birthday this past week so they celebrated by having a big party in an open area somewhere in town last night. DJ, light show, beer, B and me.

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Bebel said...

B. is definitely the sexy dude in this blog...huahua!! miss you guys!