Sunday, May 24, 2009

More reasons to LOVE Veneto

My friends here in Veneto are a part of a creative collective called Madcap Collective. They all do really cool stuff and the sense of community that they create is truly wonderful. Last Sunday they celebrated their 6th(?) birthday by throwing a party in Mestre at Villa Francin, the place I played the previous Sunday with Federico (who is part of the collective and is also the man behind Father Murphy, which is touring the US in June.) Chris, Nolan and I loaded up and rode out for the joyous occassion.

This is Gabrielle. He is a part of the collective and makes videos and does really cool video projects. He had a couple pieces, one that had me singing "Love Me Tender" to a statue and Federico as a young Hitler and another public video project. The public project was really great. He put a bunch of objects in a box and left them out in a place with some rules. Essentially, to be a part of the project, you had to a make a video using all the objects in the box and shoot it at the space where the box was. Some really really great videos came of this. I wish I had a way to show them to you, but alas I do not, so you are going to have to trust me. He is hoping to continue this project in places around the world. New York, Hamburg, Berlin- I'm lookng at you...

Blake/e/e/e playing. I think I may tour with them in October for a while. Real cool.

After the party was over, some pizzas were had. Ahh pizza...

On Saturday of this week, Paola brought me to a really killer spot. It took us about an hour or so to get there from Castelfranco, but it was totally worth it. What you are looking at below is the Veneto region from on top of a big hill/mountain. It was really magical.

The reason we came here was to see this (below).

Apparently, this guy lives/lived somewhere near this place. Rubbio possibly? Anyway, he did all this in like 1990. Shit is totally cool. We spent a couple hours just hanging around in it. Te top thing is called Cava Colorata, the one with the metal stuff, I have no idea. Both equally amazing.

Ciao Ya'll!

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