Friday, May 15, 2009

Its Been a While Since I Seen You Smile

Dearest Friends,
I am sorry that I have not been updating this blog for a while. Sometimes, it slips my mind or I run into internet problems, or things just don't work out... Here is what I have been up to for the last month. I hope to be more regular, but maybe I won't. Who knows?

So, I was in Texas for a while. I got a chance to hang around at my Dad's ranch some and fish and stuff with him and my brother Jim.

Then back in Houston, I hung with Kyle at Big Star Bar while he DJed out of the back of his truck. Pretty fucking cool if you ask me.
After Texas I went back to New York and we had a party at the Firehouse.

This is Eli from Columbia. She had a poem written on her arms.

BuddyHollyCost played his unique brand of noise rawk on the roof.

The next day, the Psychic Ills were playing at Mercury with Spectrum.
After New York, I flew to Munich and took a train down to Vicenza, Italy to stay at Chris and Toni's place for a while. Erin from Hamburg flew in and we went to Treviso to play with Federico from Father Murphy in Mestre as Terrible Father.

On Friday and Saturday there was a noise (and I mean hardcore noise) festival in Fontanelle that Fede took us to out in an old Italian villa surrounded by grape vines. It was totally surreal.

Paolo after the Terrible Father show in Mestre at Villa Francin.

Federico back at his place in Treviso. I think he was pontificating on the importance of sobriety...
On Monday we came back here to Vicenza and went for a walk. The image below is of a statue on a church at the top of the hill. If you look at the statue, you can see that he has his skin slung over his shoulder like a cape or something. Fucking weird!

Vicenza from that hill (above) and the Church (below.)

I really like this little skull and crossbones thing they have near the train tracks.

Erin and I went over to Venice on Wednesday and Thursday. Below are a bunch of pics from there.

Look how angry this seagull looks. It was hilarious watching him run the pigeons off from the food.

These are all disposable razors. Looks like someone has been throwing them there for years. Weirdo.

This is from the Rialto at night. Breathtaking...

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