Sunday, January 11, 2009

If I had a dollar, I'd have about 70 Euro cents...

So I left Italy early on the morning of the 5th and went to visit my cousin Alex, his 2 year old son- Arthimis, and my Aunt Gertrude in Goppingen, which is close to Stuttgart in the south of Germany. I got there and it was like -10 degree Celsius and snowing. I think it must have snowed like 6 inches while I was there. Alex made me some of the hottest food I have eaten in years. He had these peppers from South America that were crazy hot. Maybe too much for me...

We went sledding the next day and Arthimis got so tired he fell asleep in the sled. Funny kid.

After spending a few days in Goppingen, Alex, Arthimis and I caught the train to Ulm where Alex lives. When we got there we went for a walk to the tallest Gothic Church in all of Germany. It was pretty bad ass.

Then on the 8th, I flew back up here to Hamburg. This is what I saw as we were approaching. So beautiful.

Hope everyone is good.

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