Friday, January 2, 2009

I said "What, what?"

Nathan and Thomas came to visit here in Vicenza just after Christmas. We went to the oldest bar in Vicenza, Sartea and then walked home in the cold. On our way, we ran into some cops that "controlled" us and then we hung around in a Capoeira circle. It was a lot of fun.

For NYE I was in Faenza, Italy. I love that town. I love the people of that town, and I especially love my friends there. I made a bunch of videos and built a series of screens that I projected on in two rooms of the space. Early in the night, Alessandro's band performed in the window of Livia's record store, Casa Del Disco. They put the names of a bunch of songs on little cards and taped them to the window making the experience interactive. The people outside would flip a card over and the band would perform that song next. It was pretty awesome.

Later on we had a party in a place in the city center. They called the party 1mballo. Imballo means packing materials, like cardboard and bubblewrap, etc. They made furniture, the bar, the DJ booth, the VJ booth, everything out of cardboard. Totally killer. It also is a play on the Italian word for dance- ballo. It was loads of fun.

Morena rarely lets herself go. Late in the night, she finally succumbed to the pressure. We all danced together until about 8:30 or so.

Happy New Year people. May all your Hope Change and Stuff come true.

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Anonymous said...

Ken, i was about to write you a email and i saw the link to your blog,
I can't believe you wrote about us, thanks!
i recentely started a flickr page for Casa del Disco which is here

and an official blog will come soon.
as for 2mballo, read the email.
enjoy Brazil and take care,
you were such a precious dessert to have at 1mballo!