Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hey Ya'll!

I got a card reader for my camera and have a computer that I can use to upload these pictures. Cool.

These are a bunch of random pictures from the last couple months. I have to DJ tonight, so I will be brief about what and who you are looking at. Unfortunately they are in reverse chronological order for some reason. Nice upload...

Malmö, Sweden

We had no idea that SLUT meant 'closing' or 'Finished' and these signs were all over this one shopping area. Funny shit. The guy on guitar is Thomas from dd/mm/yyyy. We played with them at the DLTD Art night at Debaser in Malmö. DLTD is gonna put TE393 on vinyl in like May. Sweeeeettttt.

Copenhagen, Denmark

I ended up catching this snowball in the chest. We were on a river the day after we played DRONE club in Copenhagen. Great show. The people at the show went berserk.

Hamburg, Germany

This is the harbor as of like a week ago.

Berlin, Germany

The band is Strange Forces. Cool guys. We played with them on NYE at the Alte Kindl Brauerei. They're back in Oz, where they come from, until March, but then they'll be back in Berlin.

Hamburg, Germany

Those are all from a show we played with the Gallantiers at the Gängeviertel on Christmas night. See the Germans celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so a show on the 25th is completely acceptable. It was nice. The pics below are from Christmas at Elektrohaus, where I live.

This is on the wall at the Laundromat on Hein Hoyer Str. WTF? I never once forgot to pickle in my laundry. Why would I start now?

Man, this day was so fucking cold. But for some reason Till and I stood on the outside deck of the boat on our way back from Finkenwerder, where we have our practice space. I remember thinking my hands were gonna fall off...

Julia and I went for a walk one day before it got too cold and I got that nice shot of her and that pic of the moon over the Elb Tunnel Entrance.

Alright, I got no more to show ya'll. Hope shit is good for each and every one of you. So you know, we are going to tour to Italy and possibly into the Eastern European countries in April, then back up to Scandanavia for a few shows in June. More info on those things later.

Be good.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Those munkeys in sweeeden.

kenconsumer said...

Oh shit that's good...