Monday, August 3, 2009

fashion or function?

Hey- My Computer is working again and I have a few minutes while I wait for a call back from the American Embassy in Berlin concerning getting more pages for my passport.

In the last week or so, I've been pretty busy. I had my 34th birthday and spent the majority of my days out at Dockville, then went down to the south of Germany to play a festival in the Hollfeld area near Bayreuth and then drove back up here to Hamburg the next day on a spare tire in order to be around for last night's opening of theart portion of the Dockville Festival.

I did this entry in sections so as to not confuse. They aren't really cronological like normal, but this gives you a broad overview of the last days.

Section A- My Birthday at POW Gallery

Both Justin, from the Gallantiers, and I had our birthdays last week. Mine on Sunday and his this past Friday. We decided to throw a joint party at our favorite place in Hamburg, POW Gallery. Helena handled the cops quite nicely while we were playing and then handled the bar. Tim (AKA SUPRDFKT) DJed. It was a GREAT time. My cousin Melli even made an appearance with her friend Lotte that she brought to America some years back.

Section 2- Dockville Stage Build

This is the stage/horn/art installation we are building.

Section III- Dockville Instruments

On the stage are instruments that we built. Here is us building some.

These are a few "finished" pieces. Our marimba broke last night, so tomorrow, I fix it.

The thing above is like a turntable. The cards pluck the strings that are in the boxes above the turntables.

The dude playing is Clay, he's from Australia. Cool muthafukka.

Section d- Klangtherapie

These are the images us and the Gallantiers at the Klangtherapie Festival.

Section #5- Random Dockville

We decided to go swimming one day because it was wicked hot. The lake was real real real cold. We played chicked and Nathan and I are the world grand champions of the world. Long live the champs...

Sorry I don't have more time to write, but I gotta vamos and get this passport mess taken care of.

Tschuss ya'll!


momma Susan said...

I love the whole idea of Dockville, the horn is wonderful. I would to hear what the instuments sound like, hint make a video of each.
Nice to see Mellie and Lottie, they are beautiful young ladies.

momma Susan said...

Wow that last picture is erie, interesting and mysterious.