Monday, February 23, 2009


Its been a while since I updated. My camera was in the shop getting fixed so I wasn't really making any pictures for a while.

I was in NY for a few weeks after leaving Germany. NY is cold. The first picture is from a performance that Alison did at a gallery. That's Nathan Bennett in the Roman Garb. The other picture is from a party that the Black Label Bike Club DJs did at the Autumn Bowl Skate Park on Valentine's Day. Kids were dancing in the skate bowl. And Porkchop was burning up the halfpipe in the other room.

These look like Jon Read drawings.

Currently we are in Recife, Brazil at Carnaval. WHOA. So intense. I have never seen anything like this ever. Mardi Gras pales in comparison. Its not like the Rio Carnaval either, because this version is like a popular Carnaval where everyone participates. Dancing in the streets to Maracatu, Samba, Frevo, crazy shit. The above images are from Galo which is the official first day of Carnaval, Saturday, though the night before the ceremonies began with Caetono Veloso playing on the main stage at Marco Zero. There were over 1.5 million people at Galo.

After Galo, we went to the beach for a few hours. Swam with sharks. There are signs that say there is a "better than average chance for shark attacks" in these waters.

Yesterday we went to a small village about an hour and a half from here to see the papangu. It is the tradition of this village in Pernambuco (the Brazillian state we are in) to wear these masks and clothing that cover their whole body. Some of these costumes were really elaborate, some not so much.

This is us with Padre Miguel. He is one of the priests here at the Jesuit house we are staying at in Recife. Which by the way is pronounced He C Fee.

This is us with Aldo, one of the Jesuits here. He has been like our tour guide. We go out with him every night to the Carnaval here in Recife. Great dude. The other night we saw Gogol Bordello, who we rode down here from NY with. It was raining so hard, but it was fun as hell. Eugen had everyone, myself included, jumping up and down and dancing all night. Great fun.

Off to see more weird. Ciao.

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