Monday, April 26, 2010

Bad shit and more bad shit and some good shit

When we left for Italy on our recent tour, we were all filled with joy, excitement and a terrible cold. The joy and excitement were replaced with horror and sadness when all of the gear we had was stolen from us in Napoli. The colds got worse, and were replaced with full fledged infections.

Now we are rebuilding. We set up a donations account and asked friends from all over the world to send what they could to help out, and you did. you have helped us so much that we have no way of repaying you except to offer our undying friendship in return for your kind acts. You are the reason we keep doing what we doing.

When the new record 'TE 393' comes out, everyone who gave us anything, will receive a copy. It is the absolute least we can do.

Even before this happened, we were very grateful to our friends, but now even more so (if that's possible...)

Here is the innersleeve of the record. You will see that we collaged a lot of people in this to show our appreciation for our friends. If we had a picture of you, you are in there...

You all rule me.